F.A.Q. Answers to frequently asked questions

F.A.Q. Answers to frequently asked questions

At Spainholidays4u we’re always ready and gladly willing to inform you  as detailed  as possible. If you have a question about your reservation  or about your holiday villa,  you might quite possibly find the answer straight away at the section containing the frequently asked questions  on our F.A.Q. page.


Bookings & Cancellations

Right after you have made a reservation through internet, a confirmation will be sent to your email adress. As soon as the reservation has been accepted by Spainholidays4u, you’ll receive the invoice by email. You can examine your reservation 24 hours a day by means of your own customers account (my villa). To confirm your reservation you’ll be asked to make a down payment. After having received this down payment we’ll declare your reservation to be final. About 4 weeks before your departure we’ll send you the travel documents, including among other things the itinerary (route description)

You can settle your payment to us by bank transfer. As soon as your reservation has been arranged, you can take care of the payment via a link to a protected page (in My Villa). You can choose to settle this by select the first down payment. After you have made your choice, we will send you an invoice with the payment details. The first down payment must be made within. 7 working days on our bank account. The reservation is finally as we have received the first down payment of your booking! The remaining amount must be paid no later than 6 weeks before arrival. For bookings within 7 days before the rental period the full rental price must be paid!

You pay a (minimum) 30% of the total cost after making your reservation. Only after we have received your down payment in accordance with the agreement, your reservation will be final. The remnant of the rent amount has to be deposited on our banking account not later than 8 weeks before the beginning of the rental period. In case of a short-term reservation you’ll have to pay the entire rent amount at once.

Bank transfer, debit. In Belgium: Mister Cash *, bank transfer, debit. Other countries: credit card, bank transfer. * Please note that payments by credit card will be charged transaction fees. 1% of the amount to be paid, with a maximum of 3,4%. You pay in two installments?, you pay both installments by credit card, you pay transfer fees twice.

At what times can you arrive at and depart from your holiday accommodation? On the first rental day You can move into your holiday home / apartment between 16:00 o’clock until 20.00 o’clock. Arrival later than 20.00 o’clock is only possible by mutual agreement (costs € 50,00). On the day of departure the holiday home / apartment has to be abandoned before 10.00 o’clock. In case of departure after 10.00 o’clock, extra costs will be charged!

The availability of bedding, towels and washing cloths etc. differs depending on the kind of holiday home which you’re going to rent. You’ll find this information in the section “Additional costs” on the home description page , as well as on the reservation page and afterwards also in “My villa” as part of the reservation data.

bout tourist tax: As from November 1st 2012, Catalonia, being the first federal state / region of Spain, has decided to impose a tourist tax. Spainholidays4u.com also lets holiday homes in this region. In case of these homes you’ll have to consider, that on your arrival at our office you’ll be asked to pay tourist tax. The tourist taxes apply to foreign tourists as well as to Spaniards, who are going to spend their holidays in Catalonia.

There are always cancellation costs involved in case of a cancellation of a reservation. Cancellation of a reservation can only take place by email. Our staff members can in inform you straight away about the conditions which apply to your situation.

In case of all accommodations, on your arrival a deposit has to be paid (by cash or by credit card) at our office. The deposit will be kept by spainholidays4u. Within 10 days after your departure the deposit will be transferred to your bank account (please leave your account number at our office).

The number of persons which is mentioned in the home description, is the maximum allowed number. Occupation by more persons than has been indicated during the reservation, is not allowed. Placing a tent, a caravan or a camper is not allowed. In case of exceeding, the rental agreement will be lawfully considered as being dissolved and the entrance to the holiday home will be refused (rejected) without any claim to get a restitution of the travel amount.

Unfortunately we’ll have to inform you that several accommodations are not available for youngsters or similar groups. If on arrival it appears that it’s actually a matter of a group of persons with an average age of less than 25 years, the access will be rejected without the possibility of any refund whatsoever. In some situations Spainholidays4u is going to request a higher deposit.

Passing on changes regarding a reservation only can be carried out by email. Not all changes are possible afterwards and moreover in case of many changes expenses are involved. Our staff members are ready and able to directly answer your questions about these matters.

In the description of your holiday home is stated whether it’s allowed to take along a pet. When this is the case, one pet is permitted. Of course you can always talk with us about possible details. It’s obvious that pets are not allowed in swimming pools, as well as on beds and chairs. An EU-passport for your pet is obliged. (compelled). For this purpose we advise you to contact your vet. You’re always compelled to report to us at your reservation that you intend to bring along a pet.

In general counts, that Saturday is the day of arrival as well as the day of departure / switching. The arrival times are roughly between 16.00 o’clock and 20.00 o’clock. Earlier arrival is often not possible because of the necessity to prepare the holiday home for the next guest. Arriving later is only possible after having consulted Spainholidays4u. In some cases additional expenses (€ 50,-) are involved. Outside the high season changed arrival or departure times are no problem at all!

At what time do I have to leave the holiday home on Saturday? The accommodation needs to be left on the day of departure (switching) before 10.00 o’clock. Leaving at a later moment isn’t possible, which has to do with te fact that the holiday home has to be prepared for the benefit of the next guest. In case of departure after 10.00 o’clock additional costs have to be charged!. Outside the high season other arrival or departure times or even days are no problem whatsoever!

If you make a reservation a short time before departure, you’ll have to pay the whole amount at the same time. Dependent on the number of days before departure, it will be necessary to pay at once. You can remit the total rental amount by making an urgent transfer through your own bank. Our staff members will be glad to advise you on this matter.

In the description of the holiday home has been indicated whether an internet connection is present. You should nevertheless take into account that the internet connection in Spain isn’t always as good as you’re accustomed to.

We recommend you to take out a solid travel and/or cancellation insurance.

The tenant is legally liable for possible damage, which has been caused by him or her. A damage should be directly passed on to Spainholidays4u. Whether the damage will be covered or not, will be determined by your insurance (company). Damage which has been caused by reckless or careless behaviour, will not be covered.

After your departure the holiday home will be cleaned, unless mentioned otherwise. When leaving (checking out of) the accommodation, the tenant takes care of: placing garbage into the central garbage containers, leaving behind crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils in a clean state and putting them in the appropriate places, emptying the dishwasher and leaving it behind in a clean state, removing the bedding, delivering the barbecue and the hearth in a clean and empty state, disposing the garden and the terrace of garbage and leaving all the interior and exterior furniture on the spot (place) where this furniture was installed on the first rental day before the tenant began using it.

We advise you to report any possible complaint during your stay as soon as possible in a proper and probative way to the key holder so that he/she can look for a suitable solution. Apart from that you have to report your complaint within 24 hours after your arrival to Spainholidays4u. Our call centre can be reached during 7 days a week on phone number +34 628028144 for reporting possible problems or complaints.

If the answer to your question has not been taken down  at the above mentioned section,  we advise you to send an email to: