Arrival - How do you find the way to your holiday home?

How do you find the way to your holiday home? After confirmation  and  payment of your holiday accommodation, you’ll receive a voucher from us by e-mail containing  all required information. At your arrival we’ll be glad to inform you (to give you some tips) about the environment and give you an explanation about the holiday home which you rented.
From our office in Calonge –  Costa Brava, our employees will accompany you to your holiday destination as fast as possible.


Of course travelling by airplane is also possible.  Don’t forget to pay attention to the airport surcharge!  The amounts can rather differ from one airport to another!  To reach your holiday destination You can fly to the airport of Girona or Barcelona.
Look here for more flight information:,

Rental Car

You can rent a car straightaway at the airport of Barcelona and Girona. In Spain a rental car is always offered without a limitation of the number of kilometres you’re going to drive. Take care that you possess a Creditcard when you’re going to collect your rental car!!

Travel insurance

We recommend you to take out a solid travel- and cancellation insurance.

Transfers from Girona – Barcelona Airport

Enjoy your private transfer from Girona airport straight to your holiday address.
Transfer service from the airport to the surrounding area of Calonge or the other way round.

Fares from Girona Airport:
4 persons: €65,00

Fares from Barcelona Airport:
4 persons: €175,00

Are You interested?  please indicate this on the reservation form, quoting your flight data.

Suggestions before departure

Check before departure your car is ready for journey
Oil level and the pressure of the tires.
Check if the car has passed the motor vehicle test (MOT test).
Don’t forget to take along your car-insurance card.
Check the validity of your travel documents  and of your driver’s  license.
Did you take out a travel- and cancellation insurance?
Note down important phone numbers,  on which you can be reached by the home front.
If you want to stop for a lunch break alongside the motorway, see to  that your car is being parked on a clearly set out spot.